We were recently asked for support by one of our customers; they had been struggling with an old AC resistance welder. The unit was intermittently failing during welding. It had lived a long life and the LCD display had stopped working, hence there was no indication of the current being used. We were asked to replace the old AC welder with a new Avio NRW-IN400PA.

In order to specify the correct equipment for this replacement, we needed to know the current being used on the welder, but with no functioning LCD display we had to think outside the box. We used the Avio QC-450 Weld Monitor to monitor the weld over a number of weld cycles to determine the weld current.

On the image you can see the QC-450 displays the RMS Current value, Peak Current value and how many cycles the welder welded for. This information was used to correctly specify the transformer required for the NRW-IN400PA high frequency inverter.

The QC-450 can also be used for monitoring:

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Time
  • Force
  • Displacement

Contact us today if you think the QC-450 could be used to monitor your welding process.