Battery Pack Welding

Using 18650 or 21700 cells in battery pack assembly is very common. When a module of cells is assembled, the individual cells need to be joined together by battery tabs/busbars. The Avio High Frequency Inverter is ideal for this type of application.
This welder uses closed loop feedback to monitor and adjust the weld thousands of times per second. The constant monitoring and adjustment of the weld cycle means that slight variations in the product are mitigated and the same weld result is achieved each time.
Quality assurance is key in battery pack manufacture. Limits can also be set on this welder so that the operator or machine PLC is notified when a weld is out of assigned quality limits. Periodic testing can also be completed in order to prove the weld quality. A pull test can be completed, testing the Newton value it takes to pull the tab from the battery after welding. A good weld should also leave the weld nugget on the battery can.