Battery Tab with Projections and Slits

As battery technology improves and the current capacity of battery packs increase, the bus bar material used in battery packs is required to be more conductive. Therefore, copper alloys are more and more commonly used for battery tabs and bus bars.
When designing your battery packs, the method of welding needs to be considered and the design of the tab too. Cell Spot can help in this area.
Due to the conductive nature of copper alloys, the design of the battery tab is crucial when using resistance welding as a joining technique. There are a couple of methods used in the design of battery tabs which can drastically improve the welding result:
Projections are small dimples in the battery tab. These dimples direct the current through a very small surface area, which is the end of the dimple. Directing the welding current through such a small surface area means more heat is generated in this small area. For conductive materials like copper, this method can help start the weld off more efficiently.
Having slits in the battery tab is another way of improving weld results. The welding current will always travel through the path of least resistance. The desired path for the welding current is through the tab and into the battery. Therefore, you can use slits to create a longer path with higher resistance on the tab, meaning current will travel through the desired path, which is through the battery as it is the shortest route with least resistance.