Copper Tab Micro-TIG Welding

As battery technology improves and the current capacity of battery packs increase, the bus bar material used in battery packs is required to be more conductive. Therefore, copper is more and more commonly used for battery tabs and bus bars.
When designing your battery packs, the method of welding needs to be considered. This will ensure the correct battery tab design is chosen. Cell Spot can help in this area.
Micro-TIG or Pulse Arc Welding is ideal for welding copper bus bars. Due to the conductive nature of copper, heat is conducted away from the weld area very quickly, so it is very important for the copper tab to receive a high amount heat very quickly. This is achieved by using pulse arc welding technique. This method uses high voltage to create an arc between the battery tab and tungsten electrode. The arc only lasts for a split second, but the heat generated by this arc in a such short period of time means the copper tab melts and joins to the battery before the heat is conducted away.
One other benefit of using micro-tig welding is that design of the battery tab is minimal and there are fewer manufacturing processes – no projections or slits are required.

EV Battery Welding Micro Tig Pulsed Arc