We recently carried out a factory acceptance test for the NAW-2000 seam sealer. We carried out the test at Avio, Japan.

This glovebox is used for seam sealing butterfly packages. The operator will load the packages and lids into the vacuum oven. The machine will then perform the baking process at a set temperature and vacuum, for a preset amount of time. After this the operator will open the inner door of the oven, where they will then bring the packages and lids into the glovebox.

The operator will then load the packages onto the seam stage, and place lids carefully on top of the packages. The lid verification system is then used to verify the lid is in the correct position. Then the sealing process starts.

The atmosphere in the glovebox is strictly controlled. The oxygen level, helium level and nitrogen level are controlled via the above units.

A seam sealed package looks like the following:

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