We are extremely excited to announce the release of Avio’s new high-power resistance welder – NRW-IN900P.

This model enables a variety of fusing welding with its pulsation mode that allows to weld up to 8 phases for 24 seconds and 127step arbitrary waveform function. Because weld time monitor and phase monitor are newly equipped, it enables compensation function during welding and contributes to improve welding quality.


  • High capacity with a maximum current of 32000A (When NT-IN32K444 at 400V)
  • Long welding time of maximum 5 seconds, 127step arbitrary waveform (freestyle) function (normal mode)
  • Pulsation mode suitable for fusing
  • Pulsation operation of up to 8 phases with UP and DOWN slopes for 24 seconds is available. Contributes to a wide variety of fusing welding.
  • Welding stop with variation of 1ms or less by the phase shift function
  • Three selectable frequencies (2kHz, 4kHz, 5kHz)
  • Equipped with multiple control mode.
  • Constant current, constant voltage, constant power, primary current peak value, primary current average, and fixed pulse width output control modes are provided.
  • Built-in welding monitor function
  • In addition to the average and peak values of current, voltage, power, and resistance, and limit monitor judgment results, the new weld time monitor and phase monitor enables compensation function during welding.
  • Welding waveform display function
  • It is effective in improving work efficiency in setting welding conditions and investigating the cause of abnormalities.
  • Supporting automated machine
  • Analog input control mode enables real-time control from a PLC. Combined with a temperature sensor, constant temperature control is also possible.
  • In addition, the program box enables remote control, which allows for greater flexibility in layout when incorporated into facilities.
  • Compensation function during welding
  • Output value can be changed instantaneously by external signal input during the welding.
  • It can be used in combination with displacement sensors, etc., to improve the finishing level.