Benchtop Laser Welder

Orion Benchtop Laser Welder! These systems come in 60, 100, and 140 joule power options. They are powerful benchtop machines with technological and engineering features that surpass other laser welders.


Sunstone’s Orion Benchtop Laser Welder

These small benchtop laser welders can run at a higher duty cycle than it’s competitors and do so at a far lower cost and smaller footprint than any other in the market. Most importantly, you’ll be astounded by the professional results! All of the Orion LZR benchtop laser welders need only 30″L x 21″W x 22″H of workspace and weigh less than 80 pounds. As a result, they’re easy to move, easy to set up, easy to maintain and most importantly easy to use. Ask about the optional HDMI port upgrade that connects the LZR’s video feed to a TV!

Sunstone’s Orion Benchtop Laser Welder Features / Benefits

  • High precision / Weld any workpiece with confidence
  • An advanced cooling system / Less wear and tear on the machine
  • An intuitive touchscreen interface / Very easy to operate
  • Microscopic weld joints / Weld small workpieces easily
  • Leica 10x stereo microscope / See the workpiece closeup and clearly
  • Customizable welds / Manipulate the weld to your standard
  • A larger than normal opening in the weld chamber / Bigger access for larger pieces allowing you to work more freely
  • Pulse-shape settings that allow configuration of how the laser functions on different types of metal / Weld on any metal
  • Save up to 32 customized settings / Switch between your most used settings with the touch of a button
  • Superior, high-efficiency components / A cooler running system that reduces stress on critical-wear parts and greatly reduced maintenance
  • Repeatable control over laser settings / Precise welds every time
  • Up to 140 joules of output energy / Weld Silver easily
  • High-efficiency optics to enable a higher average power output from fewer joules / Efficient running machine
  • User-friendly, touch-screen control / Setting weld parameters is simple and quick
  • Proprietary interface design / Easier control of welder setting selection
  • An advanced constant-voltage inverter power supply that eliminates power spikes / More effective welding that drastically extends the life or the flashlamp
  • Ask about the optional HDMI port upgrade that connects the LZR’s video feed to a TV!

Sunstone’s Orion Benchtop Laser Welder Applications

  • Weld precious and non-precious metals
  • Add Metal
  • Small wires
  • Bond dissimilar metal
  • Weld porosity or cracks using filler material
  • Repair watches, eye-wear and other minutia
  • Weld dental & orthodontic appliances
  • Repair antique jewelry
  • Repair jewelry settings without removing stones


    • Weight

      250 lbs

    • SKU


  • Laser Welder Specifications
    • Laser source and wavelength ND

      YAG 1064 NM

    • Impulse time

      0.1 – 20 ms

    • Spot diameter

      0.2 – 2.0 mm

    • External control

      Color Touch Screen

    • Dimension

      33 x 21 x 22 cm

    • Input power

      110 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single

    • Power system, number of phases


    • Average power

      75 – 100 W

    • Max power

      3 – 7 kW

    • Ampere


    • Frequency

      0.5 – 30 Hz

    • Cooling

      Liquid and Air

    • Microscope


    • Energy [Joule]

      0.1 – 140 J

    • Waveforms

      6 Preset Waveforms

    • Saveable Programs


    • User Interface

      Touch Screen

    • Argon / Air Nozzle