CDDP – High Power – Micro Resistance – CD Spot Welder

The CDDP industrial spot welders provide a substantial amount of weld energy along with a fine range of power adjustment. These welders provide up to 1100 watt-seconds of energy for thicker, more conductive, and highly-resistive materials. Weld energy can be adjusted by increments of 10ws making it extremely versatile for a variety of industrial spot welding applications.

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As with Sunstone Engineering’s other dual pulse spot welders, the CDDP industrial spot welders produce clean, strong welds. Each pulse can be adjusted to control the amount of energy released and can be turned on/off independently. Pulse one heats the weld area to eliminate surface contaminants and to seat the welding electrodes. Pulse two provides the energy to form the actual weld. Both pulses occur almost simultaneously with each weld initiation.

When combined with Sunstone’s new line of weld heads, the CDDP industrial spot welder can form strong, precise, and repeatable welds.

CDDP Industrial Spot Welder Features

  • Dual Pulse operation removes surface inconsistencies and contaminants
  • Single or Dual Pulse operation
  • Up to 120 welds/min
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Thermo-Protection Internal Monitoring
  • Weld-Ready Audible Beeps

CDDP Industrial Spot Welder Applications

  • Aerospace Welding Applications
  • Automotive Welding Applications
  • Honeycomb Tacking
  • Cross wire welding
  • Copper, Aluminum, and Brass thin sheet and wire
  • Miscellaneous resistive applications

Available Upgrades for the CDDP Industrial Spot Welders

  • Roll-Spot Welding
  • High-Precision Energy Adjustment
  • Lock-Out Mode
  • PLC Ready