High Force Opposed Weld Head – HF

The Sunstone WH1187A-HF High Force Weld Head comes standard with beneficial features such as manual or automatic triggering, easy force adjustment, and adjustable height.

User Manual
WH1HF user manual



The pneumatic cylinder is compatible with any air compressor that can deliver 60psi or more, and includes a pressure regulator for fine tuning. The travel speed of the vertical motion can be adjusted using the included flow control valves. An adjustable magnetic reed switch can automatically trigger a weld once the head moves into the desired position; or users may choose to trigger the weld manually using the included secondary foot pedal that attaches to the back of the welding power supply.

High Force Weld Head Features:

Robust design provides precision and repeatability
Fine control of weld pressure from 7.5N to 200N.
Pneumatic air actuated
Low electrode inertia for fast follow-on pressure

High Force Weld Head Applications:

These high force weld heads are well suited for pinch-type welding applications

*** Weld Heads Do not include electrodes, as there are many electrode options. Please check out our electrode selection guide for more information on the electrode type that you need. ***