PA250i Micro TIG Welder

The most powerful Sunstone pulse arc welder delivers 250 joules of energy with precision and accuracy

When your production needs require more welding power, turn to Sunstone’s PA250i, where maximum digital energy control is combined with maximum energy availability. With 250 joules of power your welding capabilities are greatly increased. Available in three different configurations, the PA250i fits any production floor: In your shop, in an automated production line, or anywhere in between.

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Sunstone’s PA Micro TIG Welder Provides:

  • Dissimilar Welding Capabilities. The 250i’s power capabilities let you weld many dissimilar metal combinations!
  • 3 Available Configurations: Stylus only, weld head, or CNC table, like the Janome Cartesian Robot
  • 250 Ws Max Energy. The most powerful Sunstone pulse arc micro welder.
  • Weld materials as Thin as 0.0005” (0.0127mm). Enjoy extreme flexibility.
  • Digital Control. Adjust and control all energy attributes with color touch screen.
  • Visual Waveform Graphs. View energy waveforms, histograms, and more.
  • PLC-Ready. With 5 outputs/2 inputs easily integrates into your production process.
  • CNC Compatibility. Attaches to any CNC table, like the Janome Cartesian Robot, for maximum production levels
  • 127 Remote Schedules. Saves time with quick access to saved welds.
  • Import/Export Saved Welds. Easily transfer key settings to other units.
  • Lock-Out Mode. Prevent unintended changes to production settings.
  • Alarms and Warnings. Avoid time-consuming errors or potentially hazardous conditions.
  • Built-in Training. How-to and set-up videos always at your fingertips.
  • WiFi Software Upgrades. On-board software is easily maintained.
  • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


    • Weight

      33 lbs

    • SKU


  • Micro TIG (Pulse Arc) Welder Specifications
    • Welding Energy Range (Joules)

      0.2-250 Joules

    • Weld Spot Diameter Range

      ≈ 0.1 – 5 mm

    • Display (Touch Screen)

      25 cm

    • Max Weld Speed

      1 weld/0.5 seconds

    • Available Weld Energy Settings


    • High Frequency Agitation Options


    • Save Setting Spaces


    • 5x Microscope Magnification


    • Microscope IR & UV Eye Protection


    • 20+ On-screen Languages


    • Arc Start Technology


    • Tack Mode


    • Basic Screen Metal Presets


    • Adaptive Weld Ignition


    • Dynamic Energy Adjustment


    • Multiple Welding Waveforms


    • Pico Mode


Why you want a PA250i

Precision and Power

Select power in 0.2 Ws increments up to 200 Ws —That’s over 20,000 available power settings! Weld spot sizes range from microns all the way up to 4.5mm.  Whatever it is you weld, your Omega has the power to get the job done precisely.

Full Touch Screen

The Omega touch screen gives you complete control of your welder with an easy to use interface. No knobs or dials, just one touch access to everything you need including a multimedia page full of instructional videos and documents. This makes our welders intuitive to use and easily upgradeable for future features as they are released in free software updates.

Weld Ignition

This technology prolongs the life of the electrode by monitoring and lifting the electrode prior to releasing the weld. This safeguards the electrode from misfires and sticking to the workpiece. In turn, you spend more time welding and less time sharpening an electrode.

Weld Speed Modes

Take control of the speed of your system. Select one of two modes — single (1 weld p/sec) or rapid (up to 5 welds p/sec) and keep the work pace at the speed you want—not where the welder dictates.

Highest Quality Standards

When you purchase an Omega, take confidence in knowing that it was designed, produced, and assembled to the highest quality standards in the industry—in other words, it’s the best you can buy.

Superior Customer Service

Before, during, and after the sale, we want to be your resource for years to come. We guarantee that every interaction with our company will be courteous and friendly in answering your questions or helping in any way we can.

Omega Features!

Adaptive Weld Ignition Mode

Automatically adjusts weld timing to adapt to varying pressure applied to the electrode by the user. This provides for more consistent weld results. Less variation in the weld timing allows for more predictable results. Adaptive Weld Ignition also allows for less variation between different users.

Advanced Low Current Ignition

Automatic smart adjustment of pre-weld current to provide the best weld possible. Whether you are welding on a small microscopic wire or a large thick piece, the i Series will automatically adjust the Pre-Weld current to match your weld. This will provide you with even more consistent welds at any power level.

Dynamic Energy Adjustment

Adjust weld energy up or down without touching the screen.  When this mode is active, operators may press the foot pedal to momentarily change the weld.  Users can choose to increase or decrease the weld energy by up to 50% while the foot pedal is pressed.  This can be useful for making energy adjustments without using hands or looking away from the scope.

Mini -Screen for Quick Settings Adjustment

A small section of main screen is customizable to display a variety of important information. The mini screen has helpful weld settings that can be adjusted from the main screen without having to enter the main settings screen. This allows for quick adjustment to find the perfect weld settings even easier. The mini screen can be used for a number of purposes with a large selection of options.

Description Mode

Not sure what that button or features does, or why it is important? Description mode uses the mini screen to help explain the last used feature. A brief description and helpful tips are included in the mini screen. This is a must for a new user or anyone trying to better understand the features of this machine.

Improved Classic Waveform Performance

With continual improvement aiming to get the best possible weld, the i series comes with an improved Classic waveform. Triangle and Square waveforms are still available. This improved classic mode will give even better welds in classic mode, which will result in a smoother finish and less polishing after welding.

Welding Made Simple – The 3 step process to setting your weld parameters.

The Orion 200i Basic Screen makes it easy to find the perfect settings for your weld

1. Select the metal you are working with to setup the optimum waveform.

2. Select your joint type to get the best weld ignition.

3. Select your power to achieve the best melt spot.

Additional Weld Parameter Options

Weld Speed

Select Trigger Type then push Play.

How to trigger your weld

In Pulse Arc welding the Arc Gap is vitally important in both a good weld and a constant weld. The Orion Sylus Handpiece has a built-in retract feature that will produce the perfect weld gap every time. This allows for a perfect, consistent weld gap every time you weld. Below are the simple trigger options that are quick, easy and precise.

Touch Detect

Every Orion Welding System uses “Touch Detect” weld activation. This is the recommended trigger operation for pulse arc mode because it allows you quick, accurate, and simple weld triggers, However in Tack mode foot pedal is best. “Touch Detect” is used by simply connecting the ground and touching the electrode to your workpiece, and let the machine do the rest. Touch Detect allows you to work without having to constantly search for a foot pedal. All of the parts needed are easily in sight and within reach. Touch detect also allows you to trigger welds with greater precision, as you touch exactly where you want the weld to be. There is no missing & hitting your fingers or out of focus welds, just perfect weld each time you touch the piece.

Foot Pedal

Most of the Orion Welding systems(Excluding mPulse) include the “Foot Pedal” trigger system. This includes the foot switch that will allow you to trigger the welds only when the foot pedal is pressed. The foot pedal is recommended when using the Tack function. This is great for when you need extreme precision. You simply connect the foot switch into the unit, select “Foot Pedal” on the main screen. You bring the electrode into contact with the piece, and once everything is in perfect position press the foot pedal. This feature is especially handy when welding in a groove, or pocket, this will prevent you from welding on the sides, and ensure that you get the weld where you want it.