Micro Weld Head – MWH

With minimal set-up and adjustment, you will be on your way to performing consistent, repeatable micro welds



The Micro Weld Head can be quickly adjusted by hand to forces from 80g to 3000g for use on a wide
range of applications. Some Micro Weld Head features include:

• Microscope assembly with attached LED light ring (51 LED ring) Adjustable zoom between 5x and 10x
• Adjustable Weld Head Force between 80g and 3000g
• 110/220VAC Switching Power Supply

Some typical applications welded with the Sunstone Micro Weld Head are:
• Cross wires
• Thermocouples
• Thermo-compression bonding
• Adjustable parallel air gap welding
• Fixed gap electrode welding
• Strain gauges
• Electronic components
• Thin copper, aluminum, brass, and steel wires and sheets
• Miscellaneous resistive welding applications
• Research & development