NRW-IN400PA High Frequency Inverter

This is a highly reliable inverter-type resistance welding power supply that enables high-definition control and installation in an automatic machine. It is equipped with a mode (Free Style Profile) that can optionally set “SLOPE” “WELD” and “COOL” within up to 127 steps, enabling precise heat input control required for precision welding. In addition, by reducing internal loss and by development of high-efficiency, high-voltage transformer, high current values can be output in a short time, enabling welding of copper alloy battery tabs.



  • Switchable inverter frequency
    The basic frequency is 2000Hz (energization time resolution 0.5ms). It allows you to switch to 4000Hz (welding time resolution 0.25ms) or 5000Hz (welding time resolution 0.2ms) .
    Since the frequency can be selected for each program number, a frequency which is optimal to the workpiece can be selected that realizes high-quality welding with less current ripple.
  • Equipped with a 127-step freestyle welding profile
    It allows you to set “SLOPE””WELD” and “COOL” arbitrarily within 127 steps as standard. Multi-stage slope welding and multi-stage welding (e.g., pulsation 63-stage welding) are possible, providing a good joining by precise heat input control not only for resistance welding but also for resistance heating applications.
  • Variation of weld stop within 1ms
    It reduces the margin of error in the displacement amount of the workpiece.
  • Supporting multi-transformers
    The Trans Switch (option) allows you to connect maximum 4 transformers to one welding controller. power supply by using a transformer switcher.
    Multiple welding processes can be realized with a single welding controller and multiple transformers, and while maintaining production capacity, equipment installation costs can be reduced and the capacity of power equipment on the factory side can be reduced (load leveling).
    Simultaneous pressurization, sequential welding, and installation of equipment in two different processes are also possible.
    Also, the Transformer Relay Box (option) allows you to connect to existing old transformer models.
  • Welding parameter compensation function
    Welding parameters are registered in advance for each program number.It always realizes to perform optimum welding, by calling out those preset value by an external trigger signal and making fine-tuning those parameter, according to changes in room temperature and electrode temperature.
  • Dust-proof reinforced structure
    Improved dust prevention by changing ventilation method. This function reduces malfunctions and failures caused by dust suction in an environment where there is a lot of dust or oil mist.
  • Easy installation to automatic machines
    The program box enables you remote control. Facility design becomes easier.
  • Multiple power supply support
    It allows you to operate from three-phase AC200 to 480V without changing or modifying the welding power supply.



Resistance Welding Power Supplies Specifications

Item NRW-IN400PA
Connecting Transformer NT-IN8444B、NT-IN4474A
Control Frequency 2000/4000/5000Hz Selectable
(selectable for each PRG. No.)
Control Method Primary peak value current FB/Primaly average current FB/
Secondary effective vealue current FB/Secondary effective value voltage FB/
Secondary effective value power FB/fixed pulse width
Maximum primary output current 400A air cooling 5% (200A air cooling 20%)
Welding Parameters 255 Paramreters
Breaker Capacity 75A
User Interface Program Box
Monitor Function Average/peak value of current/voltage/power/resistance, Average of pulse width
Multi-stage Welding Function Up to 127 STEP(slope, weld, cool)(Free Style mode)
Cooling Method Air cooling
Communication, etc. Ethernet, CF-card slot equipped
Input Power 3 phase AC200 to 480V ±10%
Dimension / Weight W200×D501×H298 (not including protruding parts)/ ≒19kg
  • * Power cable/weld power cable / weld sense cable / program controller cable are sold separately
    (Please specify length.)

Resistance Welding Transformer Specifications

Item NT-IN8444B NT-IN4474A
Supply Source Voltage AC220V AC400V AC220V AC400V
Maximum Output Current 8000A (Duty cycle 5%) 4000A (Duty cycle 5%)
Rated Capacity (Duty Cycle 50%) t 36 kVA 33 kVA 11 kVA 10 kVA
Rated Primary Voltage 300V 600V 300V 600V
No-load Secondary Voltage 14.1V 12.9V 8.4V 7.6V
Transformer Turn Ratio 22:1 44:1 37:1 74:1
Input Frequency 2kHz,4kHz,5kHz 2kHz,4kHz,5kHz
Cooling Method Air cooling Air cooling
Dimension / Weight W200 x D370 x H214mm (projections not included) / ≒23.4kg W150 x D337 x H222mm (projections not included) / ≒14kg