Orion Eco Series Laser Engraver

The Orion ECO Laser Engravers come in a 20W, 30W, or 50W system. They are affordable laser engravers and they are ideal for anyone from goldsmiths to industry professionals. Engrave photographs, names, designs, logos, or trademarks on rings, bracelets, medallions or any flat surface. Utilize an Orion ECO laser engraver to excavate layers or cut individual pieces for automation and mass production.


The ECO line contains all the standard features of our PRO line, including a closing chamber, motorized Z-axis and the ability to install the drag-clamp system for multiple cutting jobs. In addition, the ECO laser engravers are easy to use and the software is simple and intuitive.

Equipped with a complete and user-friendly software, the ECO offers all necessary functions for the operator to work in a professional environment.

It’s the perfect affordable laser engraver solution for both small to medium labs and for those who are entering the laser engraving/marking/cutting world for the first time. We now offer a high-performance product, at a competitive price.


Affordable Laser Engraver
Pulsed fiber laser
Double red pointer for positioning objects
High performance LED
R-axis for marking rings and bracelets
Z-axis with stepped motor controlled by software
Easy I/O access
36 month warranty


Engrave on rings, bracelets, medallions and flat surfaces
Excavation by layers
Photographs, names, designs, logos, and trademarks
Manual cutting of individual pieces, or automation for mass production