Orion Nano Series Laser Engraver

Affordable Laser Engraving – LZR ENG NANO Engravers
– Available in a 20W and 30W system –
The LZR ENG NANO is entry level in the field of engraving and marking but the ideal solution for small workshops. We wanted to satisfy the growing demand for goldsmiths and laboratories by creating a compact laser engraver/marker at an affordable price.



  • Pulsed fiber laser
  •  Manual Z-axis regulation
  • Small size
  • Easy user-friendly software
  • Ideal for small workshop
  • 36 month warranty


  • Engrave on rings, bracelets, medallions and flat surfaces
  • Engrave on watch faces and eyewear of any metal material
  • Engrave Photographs, names, designs, logos, and trademarks

Engraving to meet your needs.

The Orion LZR ENG NANO Laser Engravers were developed with the goal of offering a high-quality laser at an affordable price. The NANO gives you the ability to engrave any metal with little setup, a smaller footprint, and excellent results.

Similar to the ECO and PRO series, the NANO products are also built using ytterbium-doped fiber optics and is a system with low environmental impact and low maintenance (up to 50,000 working hours).

The maximum marking area ranges from 60x60mm to 100x100mm depending on the lens.

The machine is small, with a fully accessible working chamber thanks to the absence of closures and hatches.  There are two available models with either 20W or 30W of maximum output power. Maneuvering pieces and configuring setups is very fast and easy. Unlike the ECO and PRO series, the z-axis is not motor driven and must be adjusted manually.  To help position the z-axis appropriately, the NANO machine has an innovative and intuitive focusing system with overlapping laser pointers. The NANO can also be equipped with a video camera for optimization of the processing, and for possible remote assistance.

The included software is capable of importing files from commonly-used computer design programs such as svg, dxf, bmp, plt, jpg, dwg, and others. The software makes it easy to perform any job from engraving an image, to engraving text on the inside of a ring, to engraving a custom design on a bangle, to marking and cutting custom shaped objects.

Additional options that can be included with the NANO machines include: high precision rotating axis system for rings and bangles, electro-pneumatic feeder for metal sheets, vacuum exhaust system with filters, XY clamp for positioning pieces, and a pneumatic hatch opening system.