Parallel Weld Head – WH2

Sunstone WH2125A series/parallel, MAC Valve Air-Actuated Weld Head with foot pedal, trigger cable, 1 AWG .

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The WH2 pneumatic parallel weld heads offer precision and repeatability at an affordable price. The WH2 weld heads offer parallel weld electrodes and are ideal for general fine spot resistance welding applications with same-side access. The standard electrode size is 0.125” = 3.2mm, 0.25” = 6.35mm, diameter (WH2125 model), but if required the weld head can be upgraded to accept 0.250″ diameter electrodes (WH2250 model).  Once connected, these weld heads can be adjusted for your particular application. The weld head’s electrodes pressure can be adjusted to ensure a strong weld. Head travel height ranges from 0 – 184mm.

The WH2 pneumatic parallel weld heads are air actuated weld heads that require an air compressor. Any size compressor will work since the weld head comes equipped with a pressure regulator. Once connected, the air pressure and head travel speed can be set to any preference. Welds are quickly and easily made with each compression of the included foot pedal switch.

WH2 Pneumatic Parallel Weld Head Features:

  • WH2125 parallel weld heads provide precision and repeatability
  • Fine control of weld pressure from 4.5N to 66N
  • Pneumatic air actuated
  • Low electrode inertia for fast follow-on pressure

Applications for WH2 Pneumatic Parallel Weld Heads:

  • WH2125 weld heads are ideal for battery manufacturing and other parallel welding applications

Note: Electrodes are not included.