Pulse Heat Power Supply – TCW-315

The Best Seller Power Supply Unit Suitable for Soldering, Thermo-Compression Bonding and Heat-Fusing!

  • High Reliability Joining
    Because heating and cooling take place while the pressure is being applied, the work position will not be shifted during joining
  • Variable Temperature Profile
    Because the heating is local and instantaneous, thermal impact to the peripheral components is restrained
  • High Reproducibility
    Digital PID control enables good reproducibility of temperature and time. As a result, no skill of the operator is required
  • Pb Free Compatible
    Pb free solder is accommodated by setting to high temperature and long heating time
  • User Interface
    RS-232C&I/O is standard equipped, making the unit easy to be connected to external equipment such as incorporating into an automated system
  • Various monitoring functions
    Temperature monitor (Average value, peak value)
    Anomaly detection (Excessive temperature rise, thermocouple disconnection)
  • Other functions
    Setting condition memory (15 conditions)
    Electric valve control for heater tip, heater tool
    Auxiliary thermocouple monitor
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Item TCW-315
Heating temperature Room temperature – 600℃ 1℃ step E type/J type
Room temperature – 900℃ K type (Option)
Heating time 000-999 ( x 100ms, x 10ms)
Rated capacity 750VA (50%)
Heat control 2 steps
Monitor function Temperature
Interface RS-232C, I/O
Transformer Built-in
Transformer secondary voltage 0.88V, 1.24V, 1.75V, 2.47V, 3.5V
Power source Single phase AC200V ~ 230V±10% 15A
(Option: AC100 – 115V)*
Dimensions/weight W200 × D320 × H283mm ≒ 19.5kg