Pulse Heat System Heads

Pulse Heat System Head
Best Suitable for a Precise Joining & Automation!


Heater Tip Type

Heater Tip Type NA-111, NA-112
Photo:Heater Tip Type NA-111, NA-112

Photo:Heater Tip & Shank

  • Because of the Vertical Direct Force Application Mechanism, There is No Deflection by the Applied Force
  • Long Life is Realized by Use of a Photo Sensor
Items NA-111 NA-112
Pressure Range 0.7 – 5N 5 – 65N
Pressure Method Spring
Stroke It’s up to Drive Unit
Drive Method Electrical slider (NA-201PB-B), Air (NA-221), Manual (NA-231)
Dimension / Weight W106 x D48 x H287mm ≈0.6kg W106 x D48 x H285mm ≈0.6kg

Heater Tool Type

Heater Tool Type
NA-151, NA-152, NA-153, NA-154, NA-155
Photo:Heater Tool Type NA-151, NA-152, NA-153, NA-154, NA-15

Photo:Heater Tool & Shank

  • Provided with Air Cooling Port and Flatness Adjustment Function
  • Water Cooled Shank is Equipped as Standard (NA-154, NA-155)
  • Heater Tip can be Used by Use of a Conversion Shank
Items NA-151 NA-152 NA-153 NA-154 NA-155
Pressure range 1.2 – 7N 5 – 70N 20 – 150N 40 – 300N 100 – 600N
Pressure method Spring
Stroke It depends on adapted drive unit. 30mm
Drive method Electrical slider (NA-201PB-B), Air (NA-221), Manual (NA-231) Electrical slider (NA-201PB-B), Air (NA-222) Air
Dimensions/weight W124 x D54.8 x H298mm ≒ 1kg W145 x D64.5 x H332mm ≒ 2.2kg W217 x D230 x H700mm ≒ 20.1kg