The Pico™ – DC Closed-loop Feedback Resistance Welder

The Sunstone Pico DC is a closed-loop feedback direct-current, resistance welder for fine welding with force and displacement monitoring.


The Sunstone Pico DC is an advanced, closed-loop feedback direct-current resistance welder specifically engineered for thermocompression or other fine welds. With built-in force and displacement monitoring, the Pico DC provides unmatched precision, control and monitoring. Closed-loop feedback improves quality control with real-time monitoring and sends an alert whenever a weld occurs outside user-defined parameters. The Pico DC’s 8-inch color touchscreen interface is easy-to-learn. Sunstone customers enjoy white-glove customer service and, when subscribed to the Sunstone Circle, benefit from a never-ending warranty, complimentary loaner welders, shipping, and other benefits.

Why you need The Sunstone Pico DC

Closed Loop Feedback
Force and Displacement monitoring built in
Built in Weld Head control
Sunstone’s Finest Welder – Welds extremely fine materials
Optimized for the Thermal Compression Customer


Thermal Compression
Fine wire welding
Solar Cell Welding
PCB Repair
Magnet Wire Welding
Small Coil Termination
Heating Elements
Fine Ribbon Bonding