Thermocompression bonding is a micro-joining technique where the components are heated and compressed, creating a solid-state joint, rather than a fusion weld. This type of application appears when 1 or more of the components may be adversely affected by too much heat which would be used for creating a fusion weld, or when one of the components is enamelled i.e. enamelled coil wire.

A typical application where compression bonding is suitable is joining fine wire to a PCB pad; too much heat would delaminate the PCB pad from the board.

The Avio NRW-IN400PA is a great product for this type of application. The current can be applied very quickly and controlled via closed loop feedback.

The thermocompression process itself involves heating the wire very quickly. If the wire is enamelled, the enamel is burnt away before the wire is compressed to the PCB pad.
This type of application is found in the following products: Motor terminals, Heater, RFID Antennas, Noise Filters.